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Student Life

Selected by audition, our arts students major in Dance, Drama, Film, Music Band and Strings, Music Theatre or Contemporary Art. Students work with our staff in an exciting and dynamic curriculum tailored to each major.
Our academic curriculum offers a variety of courses while giving you the flexibility to be fully engaged in your arts major. The learning environment is vibrant, engaging, welcoming and extremely busy. In addition, we have a wide variety of extracurricular and intramural activities.

Class Schedule
This year the school is running  on a four-day quadmester schedule.

Student Services
The Student Services Department consists of three counsellors.  Student Services supports students in a variety of ways: individual counseling, educational planning, and facilitating post-secondary liaisons.  Each student is assigned a counselor, but every student is welcome to seek help from any counselor regarding educational opportunities, career planning, study habits, course selections, and personal concerns.

Extra Help
If a student is experiencing difficulty with school work, it is recommended that he/she meet with the classroom teacher for extra help. All of ESA’s teachers are available for extra help – each has their own schedule and most meet students by appointment.

All our performances and community events are well attended or sold out. Our students participate in many music concerts, drama productions, dance shows, film shows and visual arts exhibitions throughout the school year.  Main events often run for multiple nights to sold-out audiences. Students are committed to the performance schedule and rehearse at school for many hours beyond the school day. It is a dynamic, creative world where our students practice, perform and create on their own, in small or large groups throughout the school.

Student Council
The Student Council is the student government at ESA. The Council is elected in May and meetings are held regularly. Grade 9 representatives are elected in September. The purchase of Student Activity Cards makes it possible for the Student Council to sponsor various activities and projects in the school that directly benefits students.

Clubs and Special Interest Groups
Beyond arts and athletic activities, our students get involved in Student Council, POW (Pursuit of Wellness), Black Student Association, and ECO schools, to name a few.


Intramural Sports
Our student-run athletic council supports numerous sports. Intramural sport offerings are decided based on student interest. We have a common lunch hour so that all students can participate in intramural activities. Most recently, we have offered: Badminton, Dodge Ball, Floor Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Table Tennis, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball.

School Teams
We compete in the West Region of the TDSSAA in the following sports: Cross Country, Swimming, Track and Field, Tennis, Hockey, Slo Pitch, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Volleyball, Ski & Snowboarding, Soccer and Golf. ESA has developed a strong history of competitive teams, including a recent run of championships: Hockey 2004, 2005, 2006; Sr. Girls Basketball 2008; Girls Slo-Pitch 2008; Jr. Girls Swimming 2008; Boys Baseball 2008, 2009; Snowboarding 2010.