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School Council

ESA MontageA School Council is a forum where parents, the school principal and other members of the school community discuss school issues and plan ways to improve the school.

The ESA School Council and You

The School Council is here for you! Ready to listen to issues that are of concern to parents in the ESA school community. Here to share information about a range of topics that affect the school, students and the broader community. Eager for parents to get involved and participate in School Council initiatives and activities.

Whether you can make it to regular council meetings or not; whether you’re looking to actively volunteer or only have an hour to spare now and then; there is a place for you and a role to play on School Council.

Still Need More Reasons to Join Us?

Getting involved with School Council is a great way to:

  • Meet and engage with other parents
  • Get what’s on your mind on the agenda
  • Listen to candid speakers on topics that concern you
  • Feel connected to ESA’s dynamic school community.

Join us and share in the activities and help to shape the direction of School Council.

All Are Welcome

All parents or members of the school community are welcome to come to School Council meetings.


In addition to a number of formal roles on the School Council, there are various ongoing opportunities for parents to volunteer and get involved in informal ways. We’re always looking for parents with a variety of skill sets and interests to participate and contribute to the activities of School Council. Come and see how you can get involved!

Chair (Co-Chairs)

  • Provides leadership to the School Council
  • Communicates and engages with parents on School Council activities


  • Captures and drafts the minutes for the School Council meetings


  • Monitors and reports on the School Council’s funding

Political Liaison

  • Attends ward meetings organized by the School Trustee and reports back to School Council and keeps up to date on events that impact ESA

Parent Members

  • Participates in School Council meetings and on subcommittees formed to address council activities and initiatives

Community Member

  • Participates in School Council meetings and subcommittees and provides input on behalf of the local community


School Council meets in the Library the 2nd Tuesday of every month with a few exceptions. School Council usually doesn’t meet formally in March or December.

Links and Documents

Meeting Dates, Minutes and other School Council documents

Info for ESA Parents & Guardians

Write to the School Council –