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ESA Parents & Guardians

As the parent or guardian of an ESA student, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything that is happening at the school.

On these pages you can find out some of what you need to know to support, encourage and just enjoy the work that the ESA students are doing:


Glossary of Performing Groups

Don’t let the lingo at ESA confuse you!

 Guide to Performances and Events

There is a lot happening at ESA (especially after the winter break.)    But your student may only tell you about the things that he/she is involved in (and perhaps not until the day of!)     Here you can find out about some of the performances and events that you and/or your child may be interested in attending.

Information from the Student Agenda

At the beginning of the year, ESA students receive a ‘Student Agenda’ to help them stay organized, plan their days, keep track of homework, etc.   School policies and other useful bits of information are printed in the front pages.  Here is a copy of that material, including the School Schedule, General Information, Resources, Evaluation Policy, Guide to Student Behavior and Stress Management Tips.

TDSB Links of interest to ESA Parents and Guardians

The TDSB website has many pages that you may find useful.

          TDSB page for ESA  This is the TDSB page for ESA.

ESA Course Charts   Each course links to a pop-up which provides details about the course.

Choices  The Secondary School Course Selection and Planning Guide.    Organized by subject area, it will redirect you back to the Course Charts by school to see what the specific school is offering.

On-line School Library  There are also links to useful external resources.

School Year Calendar  This shows dates for breaks, PA days, etc.

My Blueprint  The TDSB Education Planner to help students map out their high school program.  Student log-in required.

Forms  Downloadable forms (e.g. 511C Parent/Guardian Permission for Excursion).

Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent or guardian of an ESA student, you may also be wondering what the answer to one of these questions is.  Further questions and answers will be added in the future.

Involvement Opportunities for ESA Parents and Guardians

There are lots of opportunities to be involved at ESA – and many reasons for it.   Support your ESA student by helping out at School events, donating goods, attending meetings of SESAT or School Council, lending your skills or expertise, etc.

SESAT (Supporters of ESA Talent)

This is the main fundraising group at ESA.   And, as an arts school, ESA has a very great need for funds (equipment, supplies, visiting artists, stage and lighting costs, technical support, etc.)    In many GTA schools, fundraising is a function of the School Council.   At ESA, fundraising is done by SESAT.   Parents and guardians are welcome to join their activities at any time!   SESAT meets the first Monday of most months.

School Council

 School Council is the Parent-School group that meets approximately six times a year.