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“Sankofa – Retrieving Our Time” tickets on sale!

ESA invites you to attend this year’s Black History Month Show: Sankofa: Retrieving our Time

In previous shows, we’ve acknowledged the past, we’ve positioned ourselves in the present, and we’ve gone to the future. In celebration of the Ghanaian concept of Sankofa, we’re now collapsing time: looking to the past as we fly forward; retrieving our histories in order to create our present and our future. Through Sankofa we will reflect on black identity, our individual and communal dreams and aspirations, the ways history has changed, and the ways it continues to repeat itself. As we stand in the present, honouring the past while imagining the future, we also open our eyes to a world beyond linear understanding. A world in which we have finally retrieved our time.

Show dates: Feb. 14 and 15 (7PM) Doors open at 6:30

General Admission: $15

Student Tickets: $5

Tickets available Feb 1 here