SESAT 2015-16 Officers and Board of Directors; Thank you Volunteers!

Congratulations to incoming SESAT President Bev Marinucci, returning Officers, Ardys Bobechko (Vice President), Rochelle Douris (Secretary), and Trish Drynan and Jocelyne Abbott (Treasurers)!  Additional congratulations to new board members:  Kim Hartford-Allems, Tracey Ehl-Harrison, Claire Mackenzie and Amit Breuer and returning Board Members: Trish Zado, Elena Robinson, Wendy Battaglia, Barbara Bentley, Donna Schwantes and Cheryl Shapiro.  All of these folks were elected unanimously and will do an outstanding job leading SESAT next year.  Please give them your thanks and support and be thinking about where you might want to plug in.
Thank you to our Staff Representative Andrew Cruikshank; Student Council Representative Christina Kiriakoulias; retiring Board Members: Maria De Angelis Pater, Sue Walkovich and Suzanne Friderichs and the 150 volunteers who made this year a success!

SESAT Annual General Meeting Reminder

Please join us tomorrow night, Monday, May 4 at 7:00 p.m. in the library for refreshments followed by our Annual General Meeting to review the past year, plan for the future and elect new leaders.

Hope to see you then!

SESAT Annual General Meeting

Monday, May 4 at 7:00 p.m. in the library (across from the main doors on Royal York; enter through the south doors).  If you are wondering what SESAT is all about, have any questions, are looking for a place to get involved at ESA or just want to have fun and meet some wonderful parents, we have the team and opportunities for you!  Many jobs can be done from the comfort of your own home on your own time!  If gathering is more your style, perhaps you would like to head up the social committee!
Please join us for our annual meeting, one week from today, as we review the past year, elect our new leaders and lay the foundation for the future!  There are many positions open and we welcome all new members and ideas!  In the meantime, if you would like to meet some of the team, stop by the refreshment tables at Dance Night this week or OPUS and Film Nights in May.  As always, please contact Ann Agar at 647-344-2730 or [email protected] to discuss the perfect opportunity for you.  See you then!

April SESAT Meeting – Monday, April 13, at 7:00 in the Library

Please mark your calendars for our April SESAT (Supporters of ESA Talent) Meeting.  It is sure to be lucky, as we are meeting next Monday, April 13, starting with refreshments in the library at 7 and the meeting at 7:15!  Everyone is welcome to attend!  We will be reviewing volunteer opportunities and brainstorming new ideas for spring and confirming plans for fall.  Come be a part of something great!  Make a difference in the life of your student and other artists, learn more about the school, and meet other wonderful parents and friends as we support the magic of ESA!

SESAT Meeting Cancelled

Due to poor weather conditions the SESAT meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m. tonight (Monday, February 2) has been cancelled.

SESAT Meeting Monday at 7 p.m. in the Library

Just a reminder, we hope to see you tonight at our SESAT meeting!  This is great time to get involved as we gear up with many new projects and activities for the spring to support our students.  There is something for everyone, from refreshment sales, shopping, PR, corporate and alumni relations and event planning.

The library is just opposite the main doors on Royal York, but parking is most workable in the south lot.  If you cannot attend, but would like more information or to volunteer, please contact Ann Agar at [email protected].

Last Chance ESA/SESAT Merchandise Pick Up

If you ordered Spiritwear and have not picked it up, please come (or remind your student to come) to the lobby on Friday at lunch.  If you missed ordering and would like an item, we have a few extras, just stop by!  T-shirts are $15 and hoodies are $30.

SESAT Meeting: Monday, February 2

The next SESAT meeting is on Monday, February 2, beginning with a meet and greet at 7:00 in the Library
Supporters of ESA Talent would love to have you join us as we plan our first ever, late start pancake breakfast, identify new proficiency awards, discuss SESAT involvement in new ESA initiatives and community engagement projects and brainstorm new ideas!
Come help us create an organization that you can be proud of as we support the talent and magic of ESA.  No matter what your interest, availability or experience we have opportunities for everyone to get involved and make a difference in the lives of our students, families, staff and community.  We promise to strive to always keep the fun in fundraising and, who knows, you might make a new best friend.
If you have new ideas or would like to get involved but cannot attend the meeting or for all things SESAT, please contact Ann Agar at [email protected].  Thank you for your support.

ESA/SESAT SpiritWear is in

Please come and pick up your items in the cafeteria after school Thursday, January 22 (today) or Friday, January 23 (tomorrow).  If you cannot make it on one of these days, please check during lunch on Monday.  This pick up is for pre-orders only.  Please bring your receipt, if possible.  We do have a few extra items, so stop by if you missed the order and we will see if we have what you need.  Thanks for supporting  ESA!

SESAT Update

Well, there are not many meetings you come out of where the mood is so upbeat and news is all good!

The fabulous Craft Fair/Silent Auction (which you all need to come to next year!) raised over $14,000! Each major received a cheque for $1,500 so far to spend on things they really need!  There are still amazing mugs to be had (you just feel the love drinking tea out of them), Spiritwear is arriving next week and more refreshment sales at each upcoming event. Know your dollars are going to help your kids create fabulous things.

Coming up: Auditions this Friday! If you’d love to be a part of the wide-eyed excitement of the auditioning students, you can volunteer!  Then, Wednesday, February 25thWinter Fuel Up Pancake Breakfast – our kids get a delicious warm breakfast on their late start day and we raise even more funds! And some BIG projects coming up, so exciting in fact, you should come to the next meeting to find out more! SESAT puts the FUN in fundraising!

Next meeting: Friday, February 2

For more details on anything SESAT is up to, please  contact:  [email protected]

The Spirit of Giving…Time is Running Out!

The holiday season is about more than just presents, it’s a time for charitable giving.  Please consider a gift to ESA to contribute towards a superior arts education for our students and we will give back a tax receipt (for any amount over $20) which can be a nice gift for you at tax time!  Donations can go to a specific major, be split between the majors or where needed most.  See below for deadline information.
New this year, it is easy to give online with a credit card.  Simply scroll to the bottom of our home page, and click on ESA Donations.  Your donation will be processed through SESAT (Supporters of Etobicoke School of the Arts Talent) and Canada Helps.  Both are registered charities.  Donations processed through December 31 are eligible for 2014.
If you would prefer to donate cash or write a cheque, donation forms can be found in the report card insert, Festive Program insert or in the school office.  (Address, phone number and where you would like your donation invested can also be written on a blank piece of paper.) Please be sure that any donations delivered to the office are in by tomorrow, Friday, December 19, prior to Winter Break, so they can be deposited prior to the end of year deadline.
Of course, there are many other ways to contribute.  Please consider volunteering some of your time to benefit ESA in 2015!  There is something for everyone and the rewards are immeasurable.
On behalf of SESAT, thanks for your support of our students and the arts, creating the magic that is ESA!  We wish you a most joyous holiday season and all the best in the new year.

Year-end Charitable Giving

Dear family and friends of ESA,
 Please consider a gift to your school as you think about year-end giving and your tax deductions for 2014.  It is easy to give online with a credit card.  Simply scroll to the bottom of our home page, and click on ESA Donations.  Your donation will be processed through SESAT (Supporters of Etobicoke School of the Arts Talent) and Canada Helps.  Both are registered charities.  Donations processed through December 31 are eligible for 2014.
If you would prefer to donate cash or write a cheque, donation forms can be found in the report card insert, Festive Program insert or in the school office.  They can be dropped off at the school or mailed.  Please make sure your donation is in to the office by December 19, prior to Winter Break, so it can be deposited before the end-of-year deadline.
Receipts can be provided for any donation over $20.  Gifts can be designated to a particular arts major or where it is most needed.  Other gifts will be divided equally between the majors, with a small amount given to the principal to use at his discretion and for proficiency awards for our graduates.
Thanks for your support of our students and the arts, creating the magic that is ESA!