Trinity Review Spring Issue

Congratulations to Contemporary Art students Alexis Vo, Spencer Julien, Jaime Pattison, Hannah Beverage, and Rachel Burns, and grads Aden Solway and Toko Hosoya for having their art work featured in the University of Toronto’s Trinity Review 130 Spring Journal being launched April 6!

Governor General’s Award

Many congratulations to grade 12 Contemporary Art student Spencer Julien on being awarded the Governor General’s Sovereign Medal for Volunteers.

This is a significant honor in anyone’s lifetime. To have received this award, and the Canada 150 Award, in the same year as Spencer has done, is absolutely remarkable. Congratulations Spencer. So very well deserved.

Art Talk 8 this Friday

You are invited to the eighth installment of our internationally renowned Art Talk Series this Friday evening at 7pm at OCADU – 100 McCaul Street, Toronto.

Twelve Contemporary Art students will speak about their relationship with art, and show some of what they are working on. All are welcome. Wheelchair accessible.

Holly McLachlan speaking at Art Talk 7

Art in Iraq

Grade 10 Contemporary Art student Josh Sena will be screening their Heritage project in Iraq as part of the Al-Nahj International Film Festival in Karbala April 1-5. Fingers crossed, because prizes are 100g of 21 carat gold! Bravo Josh!

Scholastic Art and Writing National Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our Scholastic National Medalists! A Gold Medal is classified as being awarded to the Most Outstanding Works in the World. More than 346000 entries were submitted this year, and the following ESA students found success at the highest level:

Noah Gehman – Gold Medal (Photography)
Jaime Pattison – Gold Medal (Photography)
Noah Janosch Brown – Gold Medal (Mixed Media)
Noah Janosch Brown – Gold Medal (Ceramics & Glass)
Grace Qian – Gold Medal (Painting)
Grace Qian – Silver Medal (Painting)
Max Shoham – Gold Medal (Film & Animation)
Isabella Vella – Gold Medal (Painting), Best-in-Grade Award
Claire Wiseman – Silver Medal (Photography)
Tessa Hill – Silver Medal (Film & Animation)
Macy Kerrigan – Silver Medal (Photography)
Jessica McDonald – Silver Medal (Photography)
Kailey Moulson – Silver Medal (Sculpture)
Annabel Berthoff – Silver Medal (Fashion)

Extra congratulations to Noah G, Noah B, Jaime, Grace, Max, and Isabella who will show at Parsons the New School’s Sheila Johnson Gallery in NYC as part of the Gold Medal Exhibition in May/June.

Painting Old Honey by grade 11 student Isabella Vella which won the Best In Grade Award for all Grade 11 art submissions in the world this year

Info on the National Awards Click Here

Noah Brown at Project Gallery

Grade 12 Contemporary Art student Noah Brown will be celebrating his 18th birthday with the opening of his first solo exhibition on Thursday March 15.

Exhibition Dates: March 15th – April 21st
Opening Reception: March 15th 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Project Studios – 184 Munro St (rear)

Noah Brown’s work hones in on the reality of living as a biracial androgynous male amongst the lasting trauma of slavery. His artworks stem from trauma associated to an experience where he was attacked by boys with a shared racial identity. His obsession with this traumatic incident has influenced him to dissect the social and historical significance of their behaviour, down to details of postured representation.

Brown’s dry-felted tapestries explore the danger implied by self-expression within a heteronormative society, the shame attached to androgyny, internalized self-hatred within the black community, and a hope for the future where black youth can be emotionally-expressive.

In response to more recent external forms of racial discrimination, he has sculpted porcelain figures of a black boy in a hoodie, cast eleven times in a plaster mould. Exploring ideas of people of colour living in accordance to societal stereotypes, thus gaining a form of comfort in following a ‘racial role’.

“In my life, I constantly defy the stereotype of what it means to be a boy of colour. Despite the discomfort that comes with stepping outside of toxic societal expectations, I am able to express myself through different forms of visual art.” – Noah Brown

Noah’s four years in specialized schooling as a visual arts major at Etobicoke School of the Arts have taught him ways he can gain autonomy by teaching his communities the historical significance behind our current psychological state, creating a safe and educated environment for people of colour who wish to express themselves, and to change the perception of black youth by setting an example for what minorities are capable of accomplishing. ‘Intergenerational Trauma’ is the first solo exhibition of Noah Brown’s work and will take place at Project Studios from March 15th-April 21st 2018.

Two Grade 12’s in Art Gallery of Guelph Podcasts

Shellicka Anglin and Noah Brown were interviewed recently for the Art Gallery of Guelph’s podcast series Black Lives Rooted.

Listen Here:

Shellicka Anglin

Noah Brown

Three Openings This Week

You are invited to three openings this week in Toronto. We would really like to see you all out for all of our upcoming events!

Wednesday February 28 7-9pm Our Grade 11 Exhibition Turning Point opens at Neilson Park Creative Centre. 90 grade 11 art and photography students exhibiting in this wonderful show of new work as warm up to Portfolio Day 9. Please join us to celebrate this remarkable achievement. Show runs until March 18. 56 Neilson Drive

Wednesday February 28 6-8pm Eight Art students are exhibiting in the Arts Etobicoke Exhibition Edge: Youth Art Show at Artscape Youngspace. Show runs until March 6

Thursday March 1 7-9pm Grade 10 Art student Ella Webber’s first solo exhibition Serena takes place at Les Enfants Terribles at 130 Foxley Place. Show runs until March 14.

Other Upcoming ESACA Exhibtions:

March 3 Four Art students are exhibiting in Tag Yourself at One Brooklyn Bridge Gallery at 360 Furman St Brooklyn, NY

March 15 Noah Brown opens his first solo exhibition Intergenerational Trauma at Project Gallery Studios 7-9pm

March 22 Ariana Pickard’s first solo exhibition Collaboration of One at Les Enfants Terribles 7-9pm

March 23 Art Talk 8 takes place at OCADU – hear 15 Art and Film students speak beautifully about their work. 7-9pm.

March 24 Graduate Michelle Nyugen’s first solo exhibition Anatomical Venus with her Toronto dealer Bau-Xi Gallery 2-4pm

April 6 Art Talk 9 at OCADU 7-9pm

April 12 ESA Fashion Show – two performances at 4pm + 7pm at ESA

April 12 Nearly twenty Art and Photography students will be exhibiting in the Albright Knox Gallery’s Future Curators Exhibition in Buffalo, NY 6-9pm

April 21 Stay tuned for a very exciting announcement about an historic exhibition that opens on this day from 2-4pm in Toronto

May 3 Dismantle – our annual Contact Photography Festival exhibition of grade 12 work opens at Artscape Youngspace 7-9pm

May 10 Spencer Julien’s first Solo Exhibition Refraction opens at Les Enfants Terribles 7-9pm in conjunction with the Contact Photography Festival

May 24 Our annual End of Year Sale and Exhibition runs from 3.30 to 9pm at ESA

May 31 Erica Bruno opens her first solo exhibition Saudade at Les Enfants Terribles 7-9pm

June 14 Giselle Valencia opens her first solo exhibition Rebirth & Regression at Les Enfants Terribles 7-9pm

July 5 Isabella Vella opens her first solo exhibition at Les Enfatns Terribles 7-9pm

Turning Point

You are invited to Turning Point – our grade 11 exhibition at the Neilson Park Creative Centre. The exhibition opens on Wednesday February 28 from 7-9 pm. This is a practice run for PD9 and an opportunity for the grade to bond together through a positive shared experience. The exhibition has been curated by Ethan Wilder. The address of the NPCC is 56 Neilson Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9C 1V7.

Turning Point runs at NPCC until Sunday March 19. Gallery Hours are:
Monday, Wednesday – Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 9:30pm
Sunday noon to 4:00 pm

Thank you!

Matthew Varey

painting by Parker-Lily Tuson-Morse


A huge congratulations to Spencer Julien, Olivia Kerr, Juliet Di Carlo, and Isabella Vella.

These four artists representing grades 10-12 in the Contemporary Art Department will be exhibiting at the Teen Art Gallery in New York City in an exhibition opens February 22.

Thank you all for representing us so brilliantly in the capital of the art world!

To view work by these artists visit:

Instagram: @isabellagvella

image by grade 11 student Isabella Vella

Art Update

A little more than a year ago we began to shift our focus from continued growth, to reinforcing who we already were. The results have begun to stack up:

1 – ESA just won 155 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards – a global competition. Congratulations, especially those moving on to round two

2 – We will be exhibiting at the Albright Knox Gallery and in downtown Buffalo again this spring

3 – We will be participating in the annual Arts Etobicoke Edge Youth Art Exhibition at Artscape Youngspace which opens Wednesday February 28th, 2018, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

4 – One of Another curated by Spencer Julien opens at Les Enfants Terribles February 8 7-9pm: CLICK HERE FOR NFO

5 – Art Talk 8 will take place on Friday March 23 at OCADU from 7-9 pm with 12 of our students speaking about their research, passion and art work. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

6 – Art Talk 9 will take place on Friday April 6 at OCADU from 7-9 pm with 12 of our students speaking about their research, passion and art work.

7 – More than 90 of our grade 11 students will be exhibiting in Turning Point, curated by Ethan Wilder, at the Nelson Park Creative Centre – our opening in February 28 from 7-9 pm CLICK HERE FOR INFO

8 – Two grade 12 students have solo exhibitions in Contemporary Art Galleries this spring – this is groundbreaking and hugely exciting news – more information to come

9 – Our Contact Photography Festival exhibition will take over all three floors of Artscape Youngspace oepning May 3 6-8pm – stay tuned for details

10 – 20 of our grade 11 students will be exhibiting in the 2018 Flash Forward Incubator Photography Exhibition in Canada’s premier photography gallery – more info to come

11 – The gargantuan End of Year Art Sale takes place Thursday May 24th from 3.30 to 9pm with more than 1500 art works throughout the first floor of the school. Due to high demand we suggest arriving as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Our 2017 sale saw fights erupt about certain work!

12 – Last year saw Reed Hollett receive 1.2 million dollars in scholarship offers, the only person we know of who has managed this sum. The entire 2017 grade 12 post-secondary applicant total reached an amazing 4 million dollars. This year, and we are only ten weeks into the process, I have already written 185 letters of recommendation (more than doubling any previous year’s total), and one of our grade 12 students has received close to a million dollars in initial offers from only 12 schools – and they are still waiting for 20 more offers to arrive in the next few weeks. As you can imagine we are forecasting new records set in every possible way. Stay tuned for final figures in May.

13 – We will be releasing a documentary about PD8 this spring directed by Tessa Hill

14 – Portfolio Day 9 appears to be taking place here at ESA on Friday November 2 2018 – plans have already begun to make this another staggering success

15 – Our YouTube Channel has received almost 15000 views since it launched at the end of August 2017 and has been instrumental in our grade 12’s success with post-secondary schools this year – CLICK HERE

16 – Grade 12 student Shellicka Anglin will be featured in an upcoming podcast by Andrew Hunter – the former Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario and current Senior Curator at the Art Gallery of Guelph

17 – Grad Keiran Brennan-Hinton has his second New York solo exhibition up at 1969 Gallery until February 25th

18 – Audition Day – thank you to everyone who auditioned for us this year. This was the strongest group of applicants we have seen. Thank you to Lucy Carolan for her organisational brilliance and expertise that made this such a relaxed experience.

Enough for now! More to come! Book these dates into your calendars and I will see you all soon.

As always, we are happy to accept donations of art supplies, and monetary donations can be made by clicking here

Matthew Varey

New York Times

Congratulations to grad Calla McInnes who is in her second year at School of Visual Art in NYC for appearing in the New York Times this weekend with a drawing that was sold to Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Magazine while Calla was in grade 11 Contemporary Art at ESA.


Calla appeared on the Akimbo Hit List while she was here and that piece can be found here

Congratulations Calla!