ESA – Audition Day

Thanks to the whole ESA community for its support of ESA’s Audition Day! 

This is one of our most important (and most fun) days of the year and it couldn’t happen without a whole cast of characters.  Our student volunteers shone, yet again, as great representatives of our school.  They were welcoming and reassured our many nervous auditioners that they should relax and try to enjoy their experience as “everyone wants you to be your best!”  Our parent volunteers were also fantastic, helping our guests to find their way, comforting anxious parents and taking care of the needs of our guest ajudicators, accompanists and staff.   And finally, I would like to thank our guest ajudicators and staff for all their hard work in making this day such a great success.  They all fill critical roles, from registering students, to organizing audition times, to deciding who our students of the future will be – a huge responsibility!   

Thanks again to our wonderful ESA Community!