Glo and Splash leave their mark in Chicago

What a weekend!

Because of their placing in the US Regional Fame Show Competition in March, both Glo and Splash competed in the Finals – the best of the best Show Choirs from across the entire United States.

Quite simply, they put Canada on the map. Hailey Balaz from Splash was awarded a top honour and is the recipient of a full scholarship to Gillette College (value $30,000 US!).

For those of you who have enjoyed Show Choir Canada, the US finals take it to a new level – bigger, bolder and huge teams of singers, musicians and stagehands. In addition to 55 singers, one school from California even had 20 stagehands; several schools had full show bands.

Glo and Splash delivered extraordinary performances. They have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with on an international level.