Opportunity at Queen’s University for Female Students Interested in Science

Queen’s University is hosting a conference for young women interested in studying science or engineering at a post-secondary level. This conference will run for the day of Saturday January 10th, on the Queen’s campus. Delegates will get the chance to meet current students, professors, and professional engineers and scientists, as well as participate in a variety of workshops aimed to give a taste of the topics studied in science and engineering programs. Students considering a future in science or engineering should consider this opportunity – whether they are interested in Queen’s or not. The goal of this conference is to make female high school students more aware of their options after graduation, and to increase interest in historically male dominated areas of study.

If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions at all please email Simone Markus (ESA grad 2012) at [email protected]. We are excited to offer this opportunity to ESA students, and hope to get an idea of the number of students who are interested. Sending an email does not mean you have to sign up, and there is no initial commitment, we just want to see if there is interest – and keep you in the loop for future updates.

Hope to hear from you!


1) Though this is mainly directed to grade 11 and 12 students, younger students are also welcome to attend.

2) Parents: we would be more than happy to answer your questions, please don’t hesitate to use the above email address