SESAT Monthly Newsletter – Issue #7 – May 2017

An Alumni and a Mom!

Written by Julia Wyncoll

Many many years ago, I was accepted into the Dance Department at ESA. I came from a large family and was only allowed to take a ballet dance class once a week throughout my elementary school years. I was passionately interested in moving for expression as long as I could remember.  To supplement my training, each day, I came home and pushed the furniture aside in my living room, put on some music and improvised for my own version of dance class. I got word that a new school was opening – called Etobicoke School for the Arts, and I dreamed of dancing every day.  I created a (maybe?) interesting solo and went to the audition.  Getting into the school was a dream come true and I was grateful for the opportunity to do what I loved every day.  I had Sheri Wolfson for a ballet teacher and took Modern Dance for the first time with another teacher.  I can’t remember her name but she was formative in my experiences. Doing Modern Dance was a revelation to me, all the grace and strength of ballet but with a much more raw and expressive palette to my tastes.  Being barefoot, rolling on the floor, all of that spoke to me.   I was comfortable dancing where I wasn’t talking, and slipped into my skin as a person literally through dance. I thank ESA for giving me the opportunity to know that I could dance at a level beyond my living room. I went on to dance professionally as a modern dancer and as a choreographer and as an improviser.

When my daughter was accepted in the Visual Arts Program 3 years ago, I felt so glad for her that she would have a large part of her high school experience rooted in creating, expressing and delving into what made her tick.  That investigation requires a courageous and curious mind, and I knew she was both up to the task and eager to be both lost and found by ART.  Her teachers have skillfully allowed her to discover what she doesn’t want to do and what she wants to investigate further.  I love that in her 11th grade her work is morphing and changing and becoming more expressive of who she is.  After all, I think, ART is just bringing ourselves, and our point of view to each other to foster relationship, communication and reflection.

At a recent art show I walked with my daughter through the dance studios which were overtaken by art.  I had a visceral moment of feeling like a teen, and feeling like I would be happy to lie on the studio floor, gaze into the great unknown and be freed by movement.  Being in that studio was such a happy place for me, especially in the teen years when so much is whirling around in our psyches and has not created clear paths yet.

Next year I will be the mother of two kids at ESA.  My second child was accepted into Musical Theatre recently.  Living with singing, and art making in our house has been a constant reminder that we should all take the time to create, express and do what we love.  Thanks ESA for providing that for my kids.


Letters from our Graduating SESAT Parents

What a difference 4 years make. And 5 letters – SESAT!

Written by Ardys Bobechko, SESAT Vice President, 2014-17

With my daughter graduating this year, I can’t help but reflect on how the past four years at ESA has changed me. What I wanted for my daughter is what I have experience instead!

I’ve made good and lasting friends, become a part of the ESA community, got to know the staff and students, and have a real sense of accomplishment. How and why? Because I came out on a Monday night, four years ago, and subsequently became part of SESAT – Supporters of ESA Talent. From my initial offer to scour flyers for cheap refreshments to sell at events, to my subsequent role in the executive team and agreeing to chair ESA’s Craft Fair, I’ve met and worked with an amazing group of hardworking, creative and fun people with a shared vision and commitment to make ESA the best it can be. Laughter. Lots of it! Meeting so many of you at the various events over the years. A feeling of connection. Shared experiences. A sense of satisfaction in knowing that I was able, in a very small way, to contribute to our children’s success. And – realizing just how special ESA truly is.

When we agreed 4 years ago to support our daughter in pursuit of her passion, I didn’t realize how important the school would become to our family. How fortunate we are. Thank you SESAT!


Moving On!

Written by Deborah Moor – SESAT Co-Treasurer, 2016-17

During my brief time with SESAT I have really enjoyed the opportunity to have a greater connection to the school that is such a big part of my daughter’s life.  As our children grow, it is hard (for this parent anyway) to find a way to keep that close association and involvement in their lives that you have when they are little – without being a scary helicopter parent.  SESAT has allowed me to understand more about how the school works, get to the know the staff much better and meet some great parents.  I feel much more involved in the greater mission of the whole school, and get a sense of accomplishment from helping to achieve the Arts majors’ ambitious goals.  My daughter and I can now have great debates about the current issues and changes at the school because I am much better informed.  And I feel that I provide a good example to her of the importance of pitching in to make a contribution to worthwhile efforts.


SESAT Accomplishments Year To Date

What a spectacular year we have had.  Thank You for your unwavering support of our efforts.   We are approximately 5K shy of hitting our target for the year but remain confident that we will get there.  It was a true pleasure for me to have carried out the role of SESAT President for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years.   I have met so many wonderful students & parents and achieved a new found level of respect for all the faculty, administration and support staff at ESA who make it all work so well and do it in such a way that it looks easy!  I am happy that I will be able to continue on as SESAT’s VP next year as I move into my last year at ESA.  I am excited to see what we can achieve!

What will put us over the top you might ask?

  • Direct Donations as part of our “Love your Student” campaign.  Should you wish to make a donation, please feel free to click here Donate to SESAT. Every bit Helps.   We thank you in advance!
  • Concession Sales at the remaining shows.
  • Sales at Snack Shack – running twice a week until the end of May
  • 2nd Annual Yard Sale – Saturday May 27th.  You can contribute by donating goods to sell or by coming out and finding a few treasures of your own!

Stay tuned to ESAINFO for our Year End Letter, in which we will share details of how all the Majors put your donations to use this past year.



We have a New SESAT Council  – Let’s give them a hand!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the members secured for the ​incoming SESAT council for next year.

President – Lisa Egri (held position of Treasurer 2016/17). Lisa has over 11 years of school council leadership experience and has 4 ESA students (2 graduates and 2 active)

Vice President – Bev Marinucci (held President role 2015/16 & 2016/17). It has been a pleasure leading SESAT and as I move into my grade 12 year I look forward to supporting Lisa as she transitions into her role.

Reporting Secretary – Rochelle Douris (has served council in this role over the last 3 years) and is likely to grace our halls for many more as her youngest child starts grade 9 in September

Correspondence Secretary (New Role) – Diana Cancelliere is an incoming grade 9 Mom who is eager to be involved in the school. She brings a wealth of program coordination and communication skills to the table. In this new role, she will be liaising directly with you regarding SESAT initiatives and how we can support your goals

Treasurer – VACANT While we have yet to secure an individual to take on this role, we are confident that we will soon have someone who will keep us fiscally responsible and keep us in cheque!! (I know what you are thinking- not a comedian right?) – Should you be interested to take on this role, please reach out at [email protected]

As a council, our mandate is to run events in order to raise money that will be disbursed to the ESA Art Majors, to build stronger relationships with key stakeholder groups in the school and bring parents, new and old together.

We have had a very successful year allowing us to share double what we have in years past. This has only been possible due to the dedication of the SESAT Moms and Dads throughout the year- we have a wonderful roster of volunteers!   Let’s give them all a hand!

A note from your President

Hello, I am the incoming SESAT President for the 2017-2018 year.  I am honored to take on this responsibility, but could never do so without the tireless support of our Volunteers.  We hope to have yet another outstanding year supporting the marvelous Arts Programs, with the generous support of the ESA Community.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Lisa Egri and my family has been at ESA for 8 years.  I currently have two children attending ESA, one in grade 9 Drama and one who is graduating from Drama.  My two other children are ESA Alumni.  All my children have studied Visual Arts, Drama and Dance from a young age.  We fostered a love of the Arts in our children, as we thought it could only enrich their lives.

I have been chair/co-chair of the Parent Council of two schools for a total of nine years, and spent an additional two years sitting on councils.  I volunteered at my children’s schools for a total of 14 years. I worked regularly with “at risk” students, assisted teachers, developed a CASI database for the TDSB, to name a few things.  I was also an Emergency Supply Teacher for the TDSB and I have continued my work in education by privately tutoring students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.

Apart from the volunteering, I have always led an entrepreneurial lifestyle having run a Sign Company and a Graphic Arts Wholesaling business.  As one of the first (if not the first) female International Technology and Training Experts, I realized that if you want something bad enough no matter how difficult, perseverance will get you through it.    I hope to combine my entrepreneurial capabilities with my love of volunteering to lead SESAT in our charitable endeavors.   I look forward to working alongside all of you!  Please feel free to contact me at any time at [email protected]

The year is close to being done however September will be upon us quickly. SESAT looks forward to welcoming new Volunteers to the team.  Should you have a little (or a little more) time to give, we can’t wait to hear from you at [email protected]

In closing

For now, SESAT will say good-bye, good luck and to those joining ESA In September, welcome and see you soon.

To the graduating students and parents – may you remember these years at ESA well into the future,  smiling just a little more because of it!