Some Important Updates for Current Grade 12 Students

The grade 12 exit survey is one more required component for your graduation.  You can find the survey on your My Blueprint account.  This survey MUST be completed by April 30, 2017.  Please ensure you do so.  Thank you!

Nominations will be available for this year’s valedictorian on April 10 in Student Services.  Valedictorian voting will occur on the morning of the annual grade 12 breakfast.  This year the grade 12 breakfast will be held the morning of April 27 in the library.  This event is prepared in your honour by Student Services and Mrs. Wray.  Save the date!

Remember to hand in your community service hours.  You must submit proof of having earned the required 40 hours of community service to your guidance counsellor by the end of May.  Please ensure that you are meeting your graduation requirements.