Splash Documentary Nominated!!

Dear Paul:

UNSUNG: BEHIND THE GLEE is nominated for a Shaw Rocket Prize and we need YOUR VOTE to win!

The best part? When you sign up to vote, you are automatically entered in a draw to win a $2,500 scholarship.

Want an even sweeter prize? If you record a short, creative video telling us why you’re choosing UNSUNG: BEHIND THE GLEE, you could win the grand prize:

A $2,500 scholarship, a tablet and a trip to Ottawa for the exclusive winner event!n PLEASE SEND THIS TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN.

Here’s how to vote in three easy steps (please note: you must be 17 or younger to vote):
Visit http://www.rocketprizekids.ca with a parent (they have to sign up, too!)
Your parents will register themselves, then they will register you to vote.
Now it’s your turn: cast your vote for UNSUNG: BEHIND THE GLEE
Wouldn’t it be great to shine an even bigger spotlight on the mega talented show choirs across Canada?
We can’t do it without you, so please help us spread the word by email and social media, and ask your friends to vote for UNSUNG: BEHIND THE GLEE, too!

Suggested tweets:
Gleeks! Show your support for show choirs by casting your vote for Unsung: Behind the Glee! http://rocketprizekids.ca #Vote4Unsung

A vote for Unsung: Behind the Glee is a vote for world peace! (And also for how AWESOME show choirs are) http://rocketprizekids.ca #Vote4Unsung