Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student get a peer tutor?
A student should meet with a guidance counselor to request a tutor and the counsellor will arrange the initial meeting with the peer tutor. Students and their peer tutors are partnered based on their mutual availability. There is a Request for a Peer Tutor Form that must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and the student.

How are peer tutors selected?
Peer tutors are students in grades 10-12 who are recommended by their teachers or self-identify their interest in tutoring. Our peer tutors attend a training session in the fall and they must maintain a strong academic standing in the subjects that they are tutoring.

Is there a cost for peer tutoring?
The cost is $10.00 for a 50 min session.  Some of our peer tutors  volunteer their time so there is no charge to the student being tutored. These options are discussed with the student and their guidance counselor prior to selecting a tutor.

Can a student arrange an external tutor through their guidance counselor?
We do not recommend or endorse any external tutor or tutoring agencies.

What is a transcript?
A transcript is a record of all of the credit courses a student has completed. It does not show courses currently in progress. The latter is reflected on a credit counseling summary.

How do I request a transcript or credit counseling summary?
The parent/guardian can send an email to the Student Services Office to [email protected] with the student’s name, and the reason the transcript is required. Alternatively, students can request transcripts directly from the Student Services office by completing the blue transcript request form.

How long will it take to get a transcript?
A transcript request takes five business days to process.

I graduated over a year ago, can I still request a transcript from Student Services?
You can only request a transcript from ESA up to a year after your graduation date.  If you require a transcript after this time, you need to contact the TDSB Central Transcript Office at 416-396-4783 or [email protected] .

When can a student start earning their community service hours?
A student can start earing these hours the summer before they enter grade 9.

How does a student submit a record of their community service hours?
There are two options:

  1. Complete the community service hours form which the student can get from the Student Services.
  2. Submit a letter on company letterhead from the organization where the student earned the hours. The letter must clearly state the student’s name, the total number of hours, when these hours were earned and what the student did.

Both of these are to be submitted to the Student Services office.