Students – Have Your Say! Project Grants for Student Voice Initiatives

The Ministry of Education is sponsoring grants of between $1,000 and $2,500 for Student Voice projects.   It sounds like a great idea and a great opportunity for students to share their ideas with the larger educational community and with the Government of Ontario.  If this resonates for you, please read below, see the attached poster and go to the website for more info.  Feel free to also follow up with me if you have any questions.  (I just watched the video and I think it gives a very clear sense of the purpose of the project).

Principal MacKinnon

What is it?

Student Voice aims to promote student engagement and success in Ontario’s schools by listening to and learning from students. Student Voice provides you, the students, with a variety of ways to share your ideas with your school, the education community and the ministry about what would help you re-engage, or be more engaged, in your learning. Student Voice can help you take action to shape your learning environment while you build your skills.

We want all students to be successful, and we need your energy and ideas to make this happen.

Check out this video to get an idea of what’s changing for Ontario students!

It all starts with you

Speak up! You have a voice, and we want to hear what you have to say about your education. Your ideas and actions are key in helping Ontario’s publicly funded education system reach the goals set out in its Achieving Excellence vision for education. We want to help you make your school a place where everyone feels welcome and where you are empowered to speak your mind, get involved and become active citizens and leaders.

Students told us that you want to:

  • share your ideas with government on how to strengthen student engagement and make Ontario’s publicly funded education system even better.
  • have a school culture where all students feel that they belong.
  • work as partners with your teachers, and participate in school decisions that will shape your lives and the lives of your peers.

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