The 2014 Fall Craft Fair needs your help:

2014 Craft Fair prep work:
The ESA Annual Fall Craft Fair/Silent Auction is the main fundraiser for the school, bringing in anywhere from $5000.00 to $11000.00 dollars.  This money goes directly to all of our fabulous art majors. SESAT the proud Supporters of ESA Talent would like to ask for your help.

For a number of years a dedicated group of proud parents have been at the forefront of all the major fundraising activities at the school. With a great number of our SESAT parents graduating this year we are looking to the future and hoping to fill two key Craft Fair/Silent Auction positions which will be vacant during next year’s operation.

Positions Available:

Craft Vendor Coordinator:
The Coordinator responsibilities are listed below:
1) Organization of Craft vendors
2) Coordinating  Vendors thus ensuring a variety of craft options
3) Floor plan set up and coordination.

Silent Auction Coordinator:
The silent auction would not be possible without many volunteers to go out into the community to encourage donations. We do however need a person to coordinate all these volunteers.
The Coordinators responsibilities are listed below:
1) Coordinate solicitation of auction items to ensure donators are only approached once
2) Organize auction items as they arrive at the school
3) Ensure all donators receive a Thank you for their contribution.

The individuals who have taken on these roles in the past will be available for consultation.   A more detailed description is available for anyone interested.  All other positions (Bake Sale Coordinator/ Food Court Coordinator/ Publicity) have been filled for the Craft Fair 2014. We know it seems like we have plenty of time before our next Fair on November 22, 2014 but all these things need to be organized well in advance of the actual Craft Fair day. If you are interested please let us know.

If you have any questions you can contact Kim Hartford-Allems @ [email protected] and I will do my best to help.
Thank you