The Arabian Nights at ESA

The Mini Theatre was transformed into magical Baghdad last week for The Arabian Nights – see the pictures in this post. The Arabian Nights (Mary Zimmerman’s interpretation of “One Thousand and One Nights) follows the story of a young King, Shahryar, and his quest to marry and kill a virgin girl every night, until finally there is only one girl left in the kingdom to marry. This young girl, Scheherazade, is suddenly faced with her impending doom. However, in her determination to postpone her execution, Scheherazade begins to tell her King a new story every night.

The cast of characters and interweaving plot lines transport not only Shahryar but also the audience and cast into a wonderful world filled with majestic colours, pathos and exoticism, all of which take place in the heart of Baghdad.


Mark Correia

Jester (and other)

Julie Ettlinger

Dance Girl (and other)

Georgia Findlay

Harun al Rashid (and other)

Christina Fox

Scheherezade (and other)

Sydney Francolini

Jesters Wife (and other)

Spencer Glassman

Girl (and other)

Anoop Isac

Principal Musician

Jinu Isac

Principal Musician

Reynard Khan

Pastry Cook, (and other)

Liam Kinahan

Madman (and other)

Ben Leja

Wazir (and other)

Michael McLaren

Shahyrar (and other)

Owen Mustos

Boy (and other)

Arielle Opler

Perfect Love (and other)

Sanjay Parker

Principal Musician (and other)

Lexxus Reid

Butcher (and other)

Lisa Saban

Dunyazade (and other)

Alana Staszyczyn

Principal Musician

Simon Topp

Clarinetist  (and other)



Sia Katsoupa


Katarina Vujic

Stage Manager

Katie Cohen

Technical Director, Lighting & Set Design

Matthew Morris

Composer, Vocal Coach

Gabby Kamino


Mr. Black

Production Advisor, Set Construction

Atousa Blair

Head of Make-up

Adri Collins

Head of Make-up

Alexa-Clare Bowie

Head of Costume

Andrea Verginella-Paina

Head of Costume

Elizabeth Rasiuk

Assistant Stage Manger

Sophia Romanchuk

Head of Props, Assistant Stage Manger

Lucie Quinlan

Assistant Stage Manger

Liza Syssova

Poster Design

Jason S.

Set Photographer

Rachel Acevisius, Mr. Foster, Mr. Black

Luke Mohan, Dante Pizzirusso, Andrew Young

Set Construction

Charlotte Brown, Claire Button,

 Xanath Fuentes-Natanson, Nicole Lane,

 Veronica Mederios, Maia Wyman

Make up/Costume Crew

The Arabian Nights