Used Book Sale! Young Adult Fiction, Part #1

The hardest part of being a Teacher Librarian is letting books go.  But sometimes we must…

We have done an initial light weeding of our YA collection in order to make room for the great new YA books we’ve been cataloguing.

  • Books get weeded for a variety of reasons… most commonly due to currency, relevancy, redundancy, condition and/or duplication… but also sometimes because they just aren’t popular enough anymore to justify the shelf space.

The books we’ve just weeded are available for sale… generally 50 cents for a paperback, and $1 for a hardcover… but we do make deals for bulk purchases and/or based on the condition of the book.

  • All funds collected go back into collection development and/or fun stuff for the Library.

Find a list of the titles we’ve pulled in the attached PDF file.

YA Discards Sept 2017