INVITATION: How To Ally with Indigenous Peoples

To All Members of the ESA Community
An alumni has forwarded the following invitation to our community as it may be of interest:
Greetings Friends,

I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to pass on an invitation to a free workshop on How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples. Offered by Bear Standing Tall Corporate Training these incredible workshops are typically offered in a corporate environment, but we have been working together to find a way to bring this learning to a wider audience. As Bear Standing Tall is hoping to use this workshop as an opportunity to create video content to promote future workshops, they have very generously offered this training free of charge if attendees consent to being recorded during the event. 

The workshop is set to take place next Tuesday January 15, 2019 
from 10:00AM to 1:00PM at Evergreen Brick Works.

Here is a brief description from Bear Standing Tall regarding the material that will be covered:

Join us for a powerful three-hour experience and learn in a non-colonized way about The Doctrine of discovery, Terra Nullius, The Indian Act, Reservations, The Pass System, Treaties, Residential Schools, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Healing the Sacred Circle, The Four Sacred Gifts for all Humanity, and Learning to be an Ally with Indigenous Peoples.

This workshop is ceremonial, factual, authentic and indigenized, using video and audio technology. Within the one-hour time frame, followed by a second hour dedicated to debriefing. This powerful workshop offers a wholistic learning opportunity incorporating all four aspects of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Emphasis will be placed on learning that will happen through all the five senses: Touch, Smell, Sound, Sight and Taste.

You can register at this link:

Lastly, to date, I have submitted to 40 hours of Indigenous cultural awareness and sensitivity training. The knowledge that was shared with me was life changing and I can tell you for fact that I could not have learned it anywhere else. Rocky Carter (Bear Standing Tall co-founder) is an elder and his willingness to educate non-Indigenous people about this land we occupy and how it was taken is truly something to be taken advantage of. We cannot attempt to fix or solve what we truly do not understand.

I will be in attendance on Tuesday and I hope to see some of you there. Please do not hesitate to share with folks in your network but please note spots are limited. Please book only the number of tickets you will use and release tickets if you cannot come. 

Best Regards,
Solana Cain