The Mathematics Department at ESA

The Mathematics department offers a large selection of mathematics courses at the Applied, Academic, College, Mixed and University levels including Grade 9 and 10 at the Applied and Academic levels, Grade 11 at the College, Mixed and University levels, Grade 12 Data Management and a two-credit package consisting of Grade 12 Functions and Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors.  In addition to formal classroom instruction, the department offers formal extra help before the start of the school day, at lunch and after school and the Math Club provides interested students with the opportunity to write several internationally recognized math contests throughout the year including the University of Waterloo’s Pascal, Cayley, Fermat, Euclid contests as well as the Canadian Team Mathematics Contests.

Technology is regularly used in the teaching of mathematics at ESA. Graphing calculators, computer software, the Internet and Smartboards are regularly used to help deepen our students’ understanding of the concepts covered in class. Each of our five dedicated Math classrooms are equipped with computers, a digital projector, Smartboard, printer and specialized mathematics software. All are classrooms have access to WiFi. Students are expected to have their own scientific calculator and have it ready for use in every class. If possible, students are encouraged to purchase their own graphing calculator. Students are allowed the use of a scientific and or graphing calculator on all of their assessments including the provincial Grade 9 EQAO test in Mathematics and all exams. We recommend the Ti-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculator (the one with the colour screen).

Information for our incoming grade 9 students:

  • During the summer months prior to starting grade 9 at ESA a review of integers, rational numbers and order of operations would help students to begin their Mathematics program at ESA in a positive direction.  A workbook that reviews key concepts of the grade 8/9 curriculum titled Nelson Mathematics 9: Review of Essential Skills and Knowledge (ISBN 0-17-615746-8) is available at many education stores as well as on Nelson Canada’s website.
  • All Grade 9 students take mathematics (MFM1P1 or MPM1D1) as one of their eight courses. Classes are 75 minutes long and occur every other school day for the entire year. The course contains various topics including Number Sense, Algebra, Linear Relations, Measurement and Geometry.
  • Students will need a math binder, lined paper, graph paper, pencils, erasers, ruler and a scientific or graphingcalculator (the school will provide graphing calculators to be used in class when required).
  • Peer tutoring is available through Student Services and extra help from our Math teachers is available throughout the school year.
  • If students are looking for math challenges, they can join the Math Club or participate in several of the nationally recognized mathematics contests held throughout the year.
  • The Mathematics department has an extensive online database of curriculum materials that your child can access on the school’s Academic Workspace environment. Your child will receive information on Academic Workspace early in the school year.
  • All Grade 9 students will be writing the provincial Grade 9 EQAO test in Mathematics in late May or early June. This test will count for 10% of your child’s final mark. All grade 9 students will also write a Final Exam in June which will count for 20% of their final mark. The remaining 70% of their mark is based on tests, quizzes and or assignments. Students will be given a detailed course outline in September.
  • Please expect your child to be coming home with their “Mathematics Evaluations Tracking Sheet”, also known as the “Pink Sheet”, on a regular basis. The pink sheet is a tracking form we use with all junior students. Every time your child gets a major evaluation returned, they will be expected to show it to their parent or guardian and have their “Pink Sheet” signed so that we know that you are up to date on your child’s progress in Mathematics. Look for the pink sheet going home in mid-September and approximately every month thereafter.