The Mathematics department provides students the opportunity to learn how to reason logically, think critically, and problem solve – key skills for success in today’s world.  As a department, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equity-based learning environment where diverse ideas, perspectives, and opinions are explored and embraced.  Our teachers aim to build confidence in our students by creating a positive, supportive learning environment and by making math accessible to all types of learners.  Data modelling activities, the use of manipulatives, and problem solving engage students and help consolidate their understanding of concepts. Technology is regularly used in teaching mathematics at ESA. Each of our five dedicated math classrooms are equipped with a Smartboard, mathematics software and graphing calculators.

The Mathematics department offers a large selection of courses.  We offer the   Enhanced Pathways model in Grade 9 Academic Math and in Grade 10 we offer Applied and Academic Math courses. In Grade 11, students may opt for either the College, Mixed or University Math courses to fulfill their third compulsory Math credit.  In Grade 12, we offer Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, and Data Management.

Students interested in math and science can participate in enrichment opportunities such as the STEM club, as well as taking part in the University of Waterloo’s Pascal, Cayley, Fermat or Euclid math contests.  In addition, last year we started the Afterschool Numeracy Program to support students who find math challenging. All math teachers offer extra help at various times throughout the school day and further support exists through our school’s peer tutor program.

In preparation for Grade 9 Academic Math, students can review integers, rational numbers and order of operations.  The four strands taught in Grade 9 Academic Math are Number Sense, Measurement and Geometry, Linear Relations, and Algebra. All Grade 9 students are required to write the provincial Grade 9 EQAO Mathematics Assessment. The mathematics teachers are all committed to supporting student success and achievement through engaging in-class instruction, ensuring extra help is available, and providing student support.

If you have any questions please contact Teresa Bednar, ACL of Mathematics and Sciences, at