Peer Tutoring

If a student is experiencing difficulty with school work, it is recommended that he/she meet with the classroom teacher for extra help. All of ESA’s teachers are available for extra help – each has their own schedule and most meet students by appointment. Another option to support a student who is having difficulty in a subject like math, theory, science, English or French, is peer tutoring. In consultation with the teachers, Student Success staff draws up a tutor list from the Grades 10-12 student population. These tutors are available to students who may require extra help in a given subject area. Tutoring occurs either at lunch or before or after school for approximately 45 minutes a session. The tutors  earn community service hours for their tutoring services.  Students who need tutoring should make an appointment with their counsellor at Student Services to explore their options.

Please note that due to Covid-19, the peer tutoring program is on pause.  We will re-start it when it is safe to do so.  Thank you for your understanding.

How does a student get a peer tutor?
A student should meet with a guidance counselor to request a tutor.  Then this information is passed along to our Student Success staff who match student tutor to student tutee. There is a Peer Tutor Request form that students can pick up in Student Services that needs to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and the student.

How are peer tutors selected?
Peer tutors are students in Grades 10-12 who are recommended by their teachers or self-identify their interest in tutoring. Our peer tutors attend a training session in the fall and they must maintain a strong academic standing in the subjects that they are tutoring.