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Portfolio Day 13

Hi everyone!

The remarkable Portfolio Day 13 website is up and running at

Please take a look if you get a chance – 70 of our grade 12’s from 4 majors are represented with at least 1500 works. 

You will see all sorts of things, including our new section for creative writing.  There is a search feature that allows recruiters to find students interested in any and all majors and disciplines, including the humanities and math and engineering and all the sciences that our students pursue.  This has allowed us to involve more than 1100 universities and colleges around the world in this process and all departments at those schools are invited to look for candidates, something we could never do with our in person PD.

If you are able to wish the 12’s good luck that would be amazing!

Thank you so much to our amazing grade 12 students and their parents, our staff and everyone involved!!!  .